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Cultural Rhythm seeks inspiration from the ever-growing and changing field of research and studies in Arts and Humanities. Its objective is to bring forth the quality research and establish a dynamic dialogue between scholars around the globe. This journal aims to accommodate various themes pertaining to Art & Culture, Heritage & Society, History, Archaeology, Anthropological Studies, and Visual arts, Museological and Conservation Studies, Music, Dance, etc. The Journal will be published bi-annually. Articles in Hindi and English are welcome in the Journal.

Cultural Rhythm, Volume I, No.1

Last date of Submission: 30th January 2020

Submission & Guidelines

The e-Journal Cultural Rhythm: International Journal of Arts and Humanities welcomes original research papers and book reviews from scholars around the globe for its first Volume. The e-Journal will be published online bi-annually in December-January and June-July. Submit your Paper for review to

The submission will be in word format and pdf format only.

Adhere to the word limit of 4000-5000 for articles and research summaries and 1000-2000 for book reviews.

Follow Times New Roman font for English articles and Krutidev 010 for Hindi articles.

Font Size: Title- 14pt; author’s name-12pt, block quote-10pt, abstract & Keywords-10pt, footnotes-10pt.

Image resolution: 300 dpi (min.)

Adhere APA style for in-text citations, reference, and bibliography

How do we work?

Solicitation of Articles, Review & Plagiarism Check, Shortlisting, Editing, Finalization and Publication.