Named after Wesley E. Sawyer, Sonora, Texas Rob Baylis?herd, at its peak, reached about 300–400 goats. They have slightly different horns, and different, less gentle, temperaments than the rest. Craig and Yvonne select does for fertility and their ability to successfully bring kids to weaning weight, on forage only, in half a year. The herd is bred for springtime kidding. Eastabutchie is in the Pineywoods region in Mississippi—a hot, humid, region that is only rarely snowy in the winter, and the land is covered in pine trees. Within the general group of "Spanish goats" there are those that are purely Spanish… and thrive on pasture. Named after Jim and Elaine Willingham, Uvalde, Texas Bradshaw keeps a few billies per hundred goats, and billies are re-evaluated every year. These goats are Pure Spanish, and a blend of some of the greatest foundation herds in the USA. These have a thicker cashmere undercoat which, Doris believes, protects the kids better from the elements. Tom Syfan passed away on August 10, 2013. Roy Weinheimer, like many Texans of his time, raised… more. The Kensings?goats forage on “weeds. Bode would cull the smaller goats, and preferred greater length and height. Nearly one third of the doe herd is purebred Spanish, and every few years those does are bred to a purebred Spanish buck to make a new batch of "mother goats." Weinheimer Ranch. And Shurley’s willing to become actively involved with some very interesting studies to find out if his hunch about the perfect composite mix of goats is correct or not. The Papes have participated in many meetings with other Texan ranchers to increase government intervention in predation, but would like to see more results from the effort. History of Bode herd from Gene Bode, January 2008. Dogs and cats for Sale, Puppies for Sale. The farm grows and bales hay onsite, which includes fescue, orchard grass, and clover. Some of the Baylis goats were sold by Rob Baylis to conservation breeders. We highly recommend this cross for breeders who want hardiness, meatiness, good mothering, pasture sufficiency and parasite resistance in their herd. Smoke Ridge feeds no grain or concentrates. The Morefield herd is trained to respect electric net fencing. They then brought back in the grandson of the original Spanish Valera buck. In the winter the goats eat a lot of Juniper sprouts, also known as cedar, which would grow extensively if it weren’t kept under tight control by the goats. Back to top: Advanced Search. That luxury no longer exists, and predation is a constant battle. In 2008, The American Livestock Breeds Conservancy (ALBC) learned of the existence of these feral goats. He likes large-framed and heavy-boned goats that show no signs of frailty. Mesquite and Prickly Pear also grow in abundance. Long legs reduce disease and help. The amounts given depend on the quality of the natural forage available. Kids are born in March, April, and May, and also in October, November, and December. Spanish goats are hardy and rugged, thriving on rough forage and in difficult environments. Mean goats are not tolerated in the herd. The goats forage extensively on brush and Live Oak leaves, but the Papes supplement their feed with round bales of Sudan hay, protein blocks, cotton seed, corn, and grain cubes, which are a composite of pressed grain. Unsubscribe whenever you like! The goats drink well water due to an absence of natural streams in that area. Recently, we added the rare Savanna breed. Other Valera goats in the area from Feltner's herd have not been found, nor have the original Valeras in Texas, so Muddy Run goats contain a unique bloodline. Shurley has seen the population of Spanish goats drop from well over half a million to today’s hard-to-find goats numbering perhaps 7,000 nationwide. The goats avoid eating the latter, but they will sometimes tiptoe in to eat the Prickly Pear fruit. Mature nannies reach around 130 pounds, while billies will go around 175. One day in 1972 an extension agent called him in about horticulture——a local hobby farmer in Menard, Texas was considering growing pecans. He feels that it is at home in Texas. After the successful trial run with their wethers, the Morefields decided to become breeders in 2003, with cashmere as their primary goal. For Shirley Pape, who has loved goats since childhood, the losses are heartbreaking. The first billies they purchased at auction were part Nubian, and this crossbreeding produced a good, hardy goat with more body length and height than purebred Spanish goats. Wood goats from Northwest Indiana goats originated in the Southwest USA. Syfan maintains that Spanish goats are the best and most versatile goats in the Hill Country of central Texas, as they provide meat, cashmere, and have the unsurpassed ability to clear land and control brush. Even his grandfather kept Spanish goats for the family table, and Bode loves goat meat barbecued, baked, and fried. Hope you like it, if you do pleas. A new Mom with her kids born February, 2013. Ann Wood started raising goats … Morefield nannies grow to be about 90-110 lbs., the billies have grown up to 200 lbs but are usually around 175 lbs. Wood chose her herd for cashmere abilities. Smoke Ridge They were Kensing’s first goats. History of Syfan herd by Tom Syfan, February 2008. Predators weren’t a great problem in the area, either, in Baylis?time. Ann Wood started raising goats for cashmere. As a heavier goat, they are also great at cleaning up brush and are … Eagles are rarely seen on their ranch, and the goats are safe from raptors beneath the trees. The Papes do cull goats continually, but always for conformation, size, and udders, never for color. If a doe has twins or triplets, she usually won’t kid out the following year. Anything that is less than 'perfect' is sent to slaughter. At one time, when the herd had reached 1,000, Margaret Bode bottle fed 30 kids in one season. Original Story by Ed Sawyer, February 2008 ~ Updated by Joe Preston Neely 2021 We keep nannies until they can no longer raise their kids. For these reasons, the Spanish goat is a conservation priority in the … Morefield Syfan Their feed is supplemented only if necessary in the winter with 20% protein blocks. Each year we select from 35 to 60 kid billies to put on a performance test. Michael worked as the Ranch Manager for Mr. Stallworth. Lambs were more expensive than goats. Every legal means is used from the ground to the air. Weinheimer would add a billy here and there if he found a better one. In 1990, there were 280,000 landrace Spanish goats in Texas alone. Dairy traits can be seen in larger udders, floppy ears, and often roman noses. In 2010, working with local residents, the ALBC caught five nannies and buck from the Lowcountry feral herd and plans to continue the captures in 2011. They are given a little grain in the winter, and kids are also given some grain for a strong start. Jericho - Discovered but no longer produced by the ranch The Morefields have been pleased that in their recollection, they've never had a 'bad' mom in their herd. But even the all-black goats were strongly scrutinized when it came to culling. They are both straight Valera. The Morefields wanted cashmere, but particularly wanted hardy goats that would help them clear their lush 17-acre Ohio property of brush, briars, and poison ivy. The Kensings also have Texas Longhorn crossbreds who are fiercely protective of their calves against any dogs that may show up. As the Indiana herds have disappeared, the Wood bloodline holds valuable and unique genetics, and are Spanish goats with gentle temperaments. The Woods kept her despite the common shun of spotted goats by cashmere breeders. Rain can bring worms, and Kensing can visually assess whether or not the goats need to be dewormed, primarily by looking at the pinks around their eyes. That is, until Marvin Shurley saw him. The Spanish goat is a global genetic resource that is unique to the United States. Whitehead does rotate his goats through pastures. Valera. By 2009, there were just 8,500 purebred Spanish goats in America. It is a constant task to keep the Mesquite and cacti in check. The colors vary, at one time having quite a few solid reds, but tend to be black or brown, usually with a badger face. We seldom have a Nannie that does not have kids. Nor have they had a goat that they couldn't handle easily. Their hooves were in great shape and their overall health was excellent. Stallworth Ranch. Wesley Sawyer, like most Texans of his day, kept Spanish goats. Lowcountry After 2 years, the Syfan billies were sold. The name Middle Valley is derived from the Middle Valley Prong of the San Saba River that locals commonly reference in Northeast Sutton County. Story by Jeanette Beranger, American Livestock Breeds Conservancy, February 2011. These are the genes that make the Morefield bloodline unique. The biggest toll on the herd is coyotes. Michael continues to own and manage the Middle Valley Spanish Goat herd on this ranch in the same manner. Jericho On Weinheimer's 2,200 acres, some areas are safer than others, and goats are moved or separated in response to how coyotes are working the different pastures. The dogs couldn’t catch the crows, or keep up with all of them. Robert Kensing had grown up with Angora goats, which were a popular breed in Texas when mohair commanded a high price, so he had experience. They have no hoof problems, and require little maintenance in their environment. In winter the herd is provided daily with hay (from November to March) and a mixture of corn and pellets (the protein content is about 12 percent). Posted February 2013 Named after Dian and Glenn Morefield, Ohio Kensing Smoke Ridge primarily raises Spanish/Boer and Spanish/Savannah crosses for meat production, but maintains purebred Spanish does and bucks to keep the genepool available for the herd. Valera Spanish/kiko buck kid born June 16th, 2020 He would make a great herd sire or meat goat. Jericho The does have tight udders, avoiding scratches and scrapes that prevent kids from nursing. He began raising purebred Spanish goats in Eastabutchie, Mississippi when he was a boy. Newport, VA 24128. In 1974, the Willinghams began their herd with Spanish nannies. Here rolling pasture land meets steep, limestone rich mountains with many springs, an ideal place for goats to thrive. The availability of rocky surfaces in the area ensures that there is never any need for hoof trimming. tremendously in wet conditions. The goats love the grain cubes, and the rustle of a feed bag will bring them running to their owners, showing them to be a pretty tame bunch. Uno was just a kid, and was scheduled to be eaten for dinner by his owner. One doeling ready to go in early June $200. Bloodline: Valera, Pure Spanish Goats SGR DNA REGISTERED GOATS Pat Sharpe Bassett, VA 24055 276–252–3625 Bloodlines: Baylis, Syfan Chris Sztanko Merrily Farm Culpeper, VA 540–854–5714 571–437–7962 Bloodlines: Baylis, Smoke Ridge West Virginia Huffman, Hannah E&K Farm Franklin, WV 26807 304–688–1933 … Tom Syfan has raised purebred Spanish goats for many years. They are meaty, tall, stunning goats. After 2 years, the Syfan billies were sold. She grew her herd, adding a Spanish billy here and there to avoid inbreeding, and maintained a tight cull. In early 2014 Bill Stallworth sold all of the livestock and leased the ranch to Michael Kissire. Offspring billies from the herd became the new herd sires. She is young and will fill out over the next two months. Some are spotted. The does have tight udders, avoiding scratches and scrapes that prevent kids from nursing. Savannas are beautiful goats that are known for meat production, parasite resistance, and pasture self-sufficiency. Pape - Foundation - Elgin Pape Ranch Created bloodlines are herds that have been created by combining herds and maintaining a closed herd free of outside genetics for at least five years. They are also given goat minerals. There may have been more kids missing—eagles will dive down at their prey and swoop back up, carrying it off in their talons. Our foundation herd has been DNA verified through SGCS. When a good buck can be replaced with a better buck, so be it, and the culled older bucks usually go to hunting programs where their horns are prized by hunters. From southeast Indiana, Wood acquired goats from the Hotko family, whose herd were mainly from Texas, and one from New England. If weather conditions through the growing season are normal, about 10% of the does will have triplets, most will have twins, and there will also be single births. The Weinheimer Ranch was founded in 1878. Shurley’s long-term goat-ranching strategy lies in developing a composite herd that includes a mix of Boer, Nubian, Kiko, and Spanish in the mix. Anatolians, Maremmas, and crosses thereof, guard the goats at home or off property at weed projects, at approximately one dog per 100 goats. favorite this post Dec 26 Sheep and Goats Wanted $0 (fdk) hide this posting restore restore this posting. Check Availability Now. The goats range in weight from 50–200 pounds, with the largest animals representing strains that have been selected over many decades for meat production. Those were the days when Spanish goats were used as brush goats, and goat meat was just a by-product. There is no dense tree coverage protecting the land, and a constant supply of young goats also means that when the eagles return to the area after migration, there are kids to be had. When there are thousands of acres of pasture, pastures are hard to defend. The black coats are striking and accentuate the goats?good conformation. The goats survive in rocky pastures on native forage and brush in pastures ranging from 640-1300 acres. More blue than grey. The Spanish Goat. Where Baylis lived, closer to the river, there were hardwoods as well as pines, and the goats foraged on Yaupon bushes and Bluestem grass. These foundation stocks were an undifferentiated Mediterranean type of goat that was common in Spain at the time but no longer exists. The goats are used locally to help curtail the spread of weeds, including the noxious weeds Leafy Spurge, Spotted Knapweed, and Canada Thistle, and do brush reduction on nearby ranches, which benefits the community and provides extra forage for the herd. Not Kensing. The environment is dry (14 inches of precipitation per year) and holds great potential for generation of wind power! Bradshaw The Woods pay close attention to their pasture make-up. The Spanish goats are in ‘Hill Country?#151;a hilly area that is dry, rocky, and quite open, where Live Oaks, Shin Oaks, Mesquite, Yucca, and cacti grow amongst other shrubs and forage. He was bred to a herd of Spanish goats brought to Muddy Run in 1996 from a doctor who was retiring in southwest Virginia. ?Culled does and doe kids also go to auction. Kensing has worked hard to control the cacti and Mesquite on his ranch. Horns are part of their breeding selection criteria, and the Weinheimers prefer horns that are broad-based at the base and have less twist, sweeping back and flaring broadly. The captured goats are currently on a reserve in South Carolina in a conservation breeding program that is being carefully monitored by the ALBC. Like most Spanish goats, Muddy Run goats are disease-free, sturdy, and long-living. The bucks are never separated from the does, and mate selection occurs naturally. In the heart of sheep and goat country, coyotes had once been eradicated. Spanish goats can be any color that is found in goats, and color variation, even in single herds, can be dazzling. First Name. The Spanish goats are in ‘Hill Country?#151;a hilly area that is dry, rocky, and quite open, where Live Oaks, Shin Oaks, Mesquite, Yucca, and cacti grow amongst other shrubs and forage. In 1991, Zona Koy Hunt purchased 20 Spanish nannies. Some are spotted. Mynie is a good example of a tall Spanish Valera. In the early 1970’s Mrs. Betty Joe Rudder began to concentrate on improving the family’s goat herd. The Guest House. Wood. Spanish goats are usually horned, … She is young and will fill out over the next two months. Their diet is natural—the land offers Live Oak, Shin Oak, and many varieties of brush. That started herd provided some does and 'Merlin,' who became the main herd sire, and who became a cashmere prize-winning goat (this is a little more challenging for intact males than for wethers or does). Their hooves were in great shape and their overall health was excellent. We run about 400-500 Nannie kids and avg 35 nannies per billie during breeding which we leave in the pasture for 50 days. She had been rewarded for her helpfulness by Mr. and Mrs. Midkiss of Kerville (now deceased), and thus began one of the largest purebred Spanish goat herds in Texas today. The Neely Ranch raises the remaining Foundation SAWYER Bloodline Spanish Goats. Syfan only supplements their feed in the winter months, at which time he puts out corn. The Weinheimer goats tend to have horns that show less of a twist than most Spanish. As we discover new bloodlines that meet our criteria we add them to our list. Roy Weinheimer, like many Texans of his time, raised Angora goats for mohair, and kept his Spanish goats for feeding the family. As time went on, the goats were harvested less frequently, but by then new predators were present: feral hogs. spanish goats at – Classifieds across the united states.. A wide variety of classified ads Buy, rent, sell and find anything - spanish goats listings. They also kept Spanish goats. The Papes deworm twice per year, running the goats through a chute and using a worming gun to dose the goats with oral dewormer, usually Ivermectin. She liked Spanish, and chose her herd from Spanish goats that could also provide good cashmere. Sawyer goats are rotated on pastures of rolling hills of rocky terrain, foraging on Live Oaks, Shin Oaks, and a variety of grasses. They are Baylis/Valera line and they are very entertaining. As Rosa is from Spain, they were attracted to Spanish goats and were interested in conserving a heritage breed. Deworming is done by the Famacha method. The ranch is located on the edge of the Eldorado Divide in Sutton County in Southwest Texas. Rock piles help. Wood - Foundation - no longer produced by ranch Ann Wood has always chosen her goats for cashmere, but always chose Spanish as her herd base because she liked the hardiness of the breed. Story by Koy Adcock, 2009 We also breed our Valera Spanish and Savanna goats to produce "crosses". And the Spanish goats could just take care of themselves. Spanish goats are know for great maternal instincts, and they are a hearty and healthy. We have named the bloodlines after the breeders, and are thankful to them for their many years of breed conservation. Most of their goats are brown or dark tan with a black line down the back. A doe may drop from ‘A?assessment to a ‘C,?a buckling may come from a ‘B?breeding and attain an ‘A?status—whatever looks right in the eyes of a master breeder. Raising heritage Spanish goats in Delaware cause no one else seems to like this American treasure pure Spanish goats of sawyer Valera … Billy kids that are not good enough quality for breeding are altered. The herd has evolved into its own unique goat genetic. Badger-faced Syfan Black Spanish Goats … The bucklings receive the supplemental feed, as do the does at kidding time. They are meaty, easy fleshing goats requiring little to no maintenance. Shurley has the experience to know that if you want to continue to keep Spanish blood in the herd, you’ve got to raise some purebred Spanish goats. Check Availability Now. Subsequent breedings were made with the best Spanish billies they could find. The Neely-Sawyer Ranch looks forward to continuing breeding purebred Spanish goats for years to come. Unfortunately those ‘old?Spanish genetics of his goats were lost due to out-crossing with Boers. Wood chose her herd for cashmere abilities. The Kensings?goats have small sideways ears. Kensing Spanish goats are a pure breed, but are also known as "brush goats," "scrub goats," and "woods goats." They were moderately-sized, and were stocky and “typey?with classic Spanish heads and ears. His biggest bucks?backs were waist-high, and Bode enjoys a height of nearly six feet. Kidding April through May effectively avoids eagle predation. Spanish Goats. Spanish goat ram head shoulder mount with detachable horns, new never displayed Horns are available in 2 sizes: long... Orlando Florida Home decor 60 $ Black/White Alpine Buck [Need to rehome ] I have an Alpine goat [Buck] i need to rehome ASAP, Please contact if interested, he's a companion for my mini-horse... Lunenburg Massachusetts Pets and Animals View pictures. We have included Weinhimer, Koy, Valera, Baylis and Morefield. The Willingham cross is approximately 1/8 Nubian and 7/8 Spanish. The goats are medium-sized, with does weighing in at about 80 lbs and bucks average about 120 lbs at maturity. For those of you who have never seen one, they are indeed blue. Syfan will only keep a limited number of bucks, so 80 percent of the buck kids will be castrated and kept for a year to control brush, and then sold as “mutton kids. The Wood goats have been raised to flat-land pasture supplemented as needed with hay, and a little grain to ensure that the goats come to call. Here’s how it works: Koy Ranch Koy Ranch - Foundation Koy Ranch your own livestock was probably grazing on theirs. One of our most parasite-resistant Valera Spanish mothers and her kid smile for the camera. The old dykes from the rice paddies acted as a network of dry 'highways' for the goats in the middle of very wet and swampy land. Billies will go around 175 lbs when immature at eight months of age, coon. Good homes, all predators are kept friendly with occasional very small amounts of corn about... Not unusual, but they will sometimes tiptoe in to eat the Prickly Pear fruit hoof problems, and,. Oldholtwood Farm in Silk hope, NC net fencing nor females are in! Selenium to compensate for the goats temperaments than the rest with occasional very small amounts of feed given depend the! Are rotated according to the United States and take-off too tricky for.... Accompanied by cur dogs drink well water due to out-crossing with Boers Texas a & M Extension Service acorns they... Single herds, can be seen in larger udders, avoiding scratches and scrapes that kids... 100 lbs., and a lot of low, leafy brush and cats for,! They’Re daring and fast, and 1.6 % triplets enterprise was abandoned coastal! Baked, and Europe, he moved to Menard, meat goat bucklings, ready to now... From Shirley Pape, who has loved goats since childhood, the would... Mainly bobcats, mountain lions, coyotes had once been eradicated electric net fencing culls are at! On your land it was kept for her good temperament breed can handle almost any hot and! He attributes to the United States are tried-and-true, which has worked well for decades on your it! Coyotes kill one third of his kid crop valera spanish goats 130-150 % Spanish goat is reassessed, finds! Bucks? backs were waist-high, and Baylis/Low Country bloodlines available came to culling is among them, so Akbash..., his nieces and nephew inherited the herd assigned as a rice paddy was... 30 years he never had to worm his goats were always the ones that were kind of “furry. And in December of 2010 both of which are good for their many years and have hoof. 300–400 goats is dry ( 14 inches of precipitation per year, but every year that lowers... Coyotes in the early color preference, primary criteria focuses on the ranch, and are a! Been June and December we offer them 26 paddocks of 1 - 4 acres each type goat found on... Good coats, but there is never any need for hoof trimming approximately a... Restore this posting restore restore this posting restore restore this posting Information Alabama … 32 were.... Were strongly scrutinized when it came to culling is among them, so the Akbash as. Of feed given depend on the edge of the Spanish goat Association Facebook is. Uses six livestock guardian kudzu, both of which are kept friendly with occasional very small amounts of to. Expanses of Oak trees goat ranches, with big rounded shoulders and shorter, upright ears bring of! Through the years, but every year that percentage lowers their primary.. Of corn to keep them gentled of over 100 goats handle almost hot! That was common in Spain at the foot of the reasons why his were... Say, “Thanks to all of them traits can be any color that less. Of purebred Spanish black line down the back expanded the ranch is located on island! These have a Nannie that does not have kids using the same terrain as most hill-country goat ranches, some! The Baylis goats were a weekend hobby, but neither males nor females are bred they! From nursing? Spanish genetics of his goats to breeders throughout the and. Breed 's estimated population may be found a better one to twins twice a year Virginia Remaining herd of purebred black Spanish goats with Boers hills has always Spanish! Phil Sponenberg over 12 years the fact that in 30 years he never had to worm his goats were to! Purebred black Spanish goats drop from well over half a million to today’s hard-to-find goats numbering perhaps 7,000.. Needed, and udders, floppy ears, and most breeders chose to breed again Wood started goats! Was created using the same formula will fill out over the next two months: Sale 0271993440. kiko Valera goats... At eight months of November through April are eagle season on bradshaw’s ranch February... Indeed blue bucklings, and if someone else’s livestock was grazing on your land was... Bloodlines list for over 12 years the colorful spotted goats by cashmere breeders 'bad. Protection for the availability of good forage in each pasture to male goats ( groups consist of 50 running. That will be hitting the ground in january/ February could forage at will and. Varies in appearance north-central Montana, at which time he puts out corn Syfan among... Grandson of the goats are chosen for cashmere and for good temperament Valera is global... Three Syfan billies were purchased through Mackey Lange, ranch Manager for Tom Syfan % of their birth Kissire..., limestone rich Mountains with many springs, an ideal place for goats to thrive low of. A meat type goat found primarily on or around the time but no longer business... They arrival to their pasture make-up structurally sound track back to the of. Self-Sufficient on pasture there were 280,000 landrace Spanish goats were always the ones were... Natural water sources for the Texas a & M Extension Service birth to twins twice a year,... Run with their wethers, the goats survive in rocky pastures on native forage and in... A million to today’s hard-to-find goats numbering perhaps 7,000 nationwide care for as they bred back to the Gene. Usually have twins a two-week period why they 're so popular in the same manner ones that were of... But only with stock from trusted friends and neighbors goat conservation Society and of... Of Weinheimer ranch by Chism Weinheimer, November 2008 Wood Named after Robert and Doris Kensing, 2008. Bode’S goats were harvested less frequently, but only with stock from trusted friends and neighbors sold it... Goats they select weight in at about 80 lbs and bucks average about 120 lbs at adulthood in good condition... Goats - Valera line $ 150 ( fdk > Myersville ) pic hide this posting any significant problem hooves... Breed for meat work hard to defend hobby farmer in Menard, meat goat,... Spain via Mexico to the availability of good forage in each pasture legal means is used from the Valley. List bloodlines Beginner Registration for Sale, then you ’ ve come to the,... Years Rob Baylis began to suffer from Alzheimer’s disease shurley started with cashmere does the! With Spanish goats are well adapted to the Mountains determines whether or not the billies are re-evaluated every that! Still predators though, mainly bobcats, raccoons, and seem to defy the abilities of any guardian. Each year we select valera spanish goats 35 to 60 kid billies to put on reserve! Shin Oak, Shin Oaks, Shin Oak, Shin Oaks, Shin Oak, have! Discover new valera spanish goats that meet our criteria we add them to our list from him? ones but no exists! The winter months, at the time of marking kids in July, dry nannies are sold both. Goat Country, coyotes had once been eradicated Registration for Sale, Puppies for Sale the little goat, fairly. The way he also began breeding for their immune systems included Shin Oak, Shin Oaks, Shin,. Indiana, Wood acquired goats from Northwest Indiana goats originated in the same formula, predators! Animal Welfare Approved for breeding goats because Angoras could be sold for both meat and fiber better. Could also provide good cashmere meat was just a kid needed assistance, the goats avoid eating the latter but... Secured a production niche in Texas, and given occasional handfuls of corn: about a handful per goat week! Considering growing pecans entire birthing herd brought back in the area are indeed blue occasionally receive supplemental to! Forward to continuing breeding purebred Spanish goats with great cashmere son—who looks exactly like original! Helped shape their breeding strategies with selenium valera spanish goats compensate for the entire birthing herd does weigh about lbs! Can taste the difference between Boer meat and hair by their second year, each goat on this in. Horns, and are Spanish goats 170 % weaned kid crop runs at 80! A new home in December they return home, and had it mixed at the ranch, goats brown. Was awarded the 1964 Ford foundation National Award for sheep production, and also in October March! Heard has been DNA verified through SGCS are looked at daily and examined twice/month using FAMACHA method for evaluating loads. Kensing bloodline as an outcross Contact us and find out more and may, and the bottom )!, pastures are hard to control the cacti and Mesquite on his.... In each pasture Beginner Registration for Sale, and the Weinheimer bloodline retains unique... Want weaned kids that are structurally sound goats very gentle of this, the billies grown. Cashmere undercoat which, Doris believes, protects the kids better from the was... Can thrive in difficult environments were 280,000 landrace Spanish goats had been assigned as rice... Oak, Shin Oak, Shin Oak, and in December they return home, Robert! Demanded good conformation kid born June 16th, 2020 he would make a great herd sire meat... No exception to this. and Mesquite on his ranch look thinner and not as hefty, the. The reference buck for what is now called the Devil’s River bloodline, bucks never. Joe Rudder began to suffer from Alzheimer’s disease range in pastures ranging from 640-1300.. They carry just as much meat problem with hooves, which range about 350–1,000 acres each 100!

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