He’s a very high-energy Pug mix that always runs and rarely returns when we call him. I love it.”, “I had heard about the Runaway Dog Stopper from a friend but could not figure out how it could make my dog stop running away from me when I took her out for a walk. An exception to the rule occurs when the master is in the yard, or is out getting the mail, and the dog wants to join him. Your dog should associate the chase with the stimulation, not with you. Almost immediately we saw the pendant descend and bump against his leg which made him slow down and then stop. It will vibrate every few seconds applying an electrical shock. Use the lowest stimulation level that gets your dog’s attention. But she still bolts out the door when it's left open. Because of the importance of stopping this behavior, make sure you are careful with the timing and strength of the correction. This may mean keeping your dog on a long leash line well away from traffic or training in a fenced area. Ensure Your Dog Is Happy, Comfortable, Involved, Safe & Stimulated At Home. They might think you're playing a game. Then, he started to run again. The pendant will then instantly retract back up. Educator e collars are unlike many others on the market. 5 Reasons to Use an E Collar to Train Your Dog, Safety Advice For Your Dog in the Summer Sun. He now walks right along side me when he used to be constantly pulling on the leash.”, “Works great on run away dogs. Address The Specific Cause or Trigger. Lower quality Asian brands use only 10-15 levels of stimulation and outdated “sharp pulse” technology, which can be painful and cause head jerking. Shock Collars for Running Away? Locate a safe area where there will be many opportunities for your dog to chase. Endorsed by Shark Tank star Kevin Harrington. But it is in your hands to stop this from happening by following some guidelines and being very cautious. Innovative training device that trains your dog to NOT run away from you. Safe and easy-to-use training device endorsed by the Society for the Prevention for Cruelty to Animals (SPCA). Makes them stop (to see whats happening to them. Begin your dog's obedience training while your dog is still a puppy. I had to figure out how to get Lucy to stop running out the door, and fast! Posted by Byron Pappageorge | Nov 5, 2018 | Training Tips | 0 |. How would you feel if you saw this product and waited to buy it. Don’t leave your dog outdoors unattended. Getting Serious With My Recall Training Enter the Dogtra Hunter Dog Training Collar. Where these dogs are concerned, the fear must be identified and eliminated. Your goal is never to hurt your dog, but rather to pull their attention away from the unwanted behavior. We recommend people use the Runaway Dog Stopper even when your dog is on a leash just in case the leash breaks or is suddenly pulled from your hand. There are other training methods to solve this type of behavior, however, using an e collar is a proven, sure-fire way to stop dog chasing quickly and safely from a distance. I … In most cases, they are scared of having fun until they are suddenly out of our site and unable to find their way back to us. Easy to use. What About Training Collars? With chasing, you may need to use a stronger stimulation than for other behaviors if your dog has a strong prey drive. SafestDog™ acts as an invisible fence that protects your dog from running way. PROTECTS YOUR DOG FROM DANGER. When your dog begins to run, the dog bone pendant will descend and gently bump against your dog’s legs causing your dog to slow down and stop. These are a hot debate topic depending on the type you’re talking about. In Ruth Strother's 2011 book "The Dog Friendly Home: DIY Projects for Dog Lovers," she advised readers to tape the prongs on the shock collar down for the first week so that your dog only hears the warning beeps without receiving a shock. While waiting, your dog became lost or was injured because they just needed a little training assistance. Running away can ignite his prey drive. The pendant will then instantly retract back up . We have a electrical dog fence, but he runs right though it. Dogs are natural predators, so when they see something move their urge is to chase it. With consistency, your dog will begin to relate chasing with the unpleasant feeling, taking the joy out of the chase. Basically it’s a wireless, waterproof remote controlled training collar with a range of a 1/2 mile. “Works great. This went on four more times until finally Max gave up and started walking with us rather than running away from us. 5 Common Myths About Electronic Dog Training Collars. New electronic collars usually have a safety feature built in where they automatically stop the sound function, vibration, or electric shock even if the dog keeps barking or the cat keeps meowing. Always train your dog in a safe area. The main strategy for keeping your dog from running away is relatively straightforward: make it harder to escape. If your dog exceeds the range you've established, the collar will initiate its training function automatically. We could see Maax was trying to figure out what was going on. How to Stop Your Dog From Running Away . Using an e-collar to stop unwanted behavior such as chasing relies on a technique called positive aversion training. He weighs almost 50 pounds and is part German Shepherd. This discrete little collar isn’t cheap, but it offers an … This worked great with my dog. If you do have a fence, make it higher or add coyote rollers. Every time he tried he became confused by the pendant coming down and stopped to investigate. Imagine the peace of mind that it will bring knowing when you take your dog for a walk you too can relax and enjoy the surroundings. Why Choose Educator E-Collars Over Other Brands? Actually, it will probably do the opposite. This stimulation is similar to a TENS machine and feels like someone flicking the side of your neck with a finger – annoying, but not painful. How to stop dog from running away : Separation anxiety in dogs is caused by excessive attachment to the master incites the dog to run away in order to find him. Your email address will not be published. Essentially this means when your dog is engaged in unwanted behavior, such as chasing a squirrel, you use the e-collar to introduce an unpleasant association. Founder, Product Specialist & eCollar Trainer at EducatorCollars.com, Your email address will not be published. Never let your dog off their leash when you’re out walking. There are other training methods to solve this type of behavior, however, using an e collar is a proven, sure-fire way to stop dog chasing quickly and safely from a distance. When your dog begins to run, the dog bone pendant will descend and gently bump against your dog’s legs causing your dog to slow down and stop.