Roadmaster Comfort Ride Shock Absorbers for Tandem Axle Trailers - 5,200-lb to 7,000-lb Axle part number RM-2460 can be ordered online at or call 800-298-8924 for expert service. I’ll talk about maintenance in a bit, but if you ever need to service or replace either the rubber shear spring or the shock absorber, it’s easy enough to do yourself or swing by MORryde for them to take care of it. The independent wheel action allows the tires to “walk” over bumps. For FT use, then maybe, depending on how yours handles. Once this is all put together and the wheels are back on, they’ll bleed the brakes just like a car to make sure all air is out of the lines and the proper amount of fluid is in the actuator’s reservoir. If so, you may want to invest in the Moryde IS. The IS system is welded right onto either your frame or the risers they put on to level your unit. nancypants1. Top . I’ve pulled the same trailer with springs and then an IS. It tows like it should, doesn't sway any more, and doesn't buck at all. After our first major trip towing with the new suspension, the inside of our RV was in better shape than usual. MORryde Brand MORryde Model UO21-003 Item Weight 31 pounds Product Dimensions 49 x 9.75 x 7.25 inches Item model number UO21-003 Manufacturer Part Number UO21-003 Cover Included MORryde UO21-003 X Factor Performance Crossmembers - SRE, … Not only does it provide a smoother ride for our fifth wheel, but it also reduces stress on the frame and unit as a whole, so it should assist in making it last a lot longer.” After the alignment is finished, the trailer is taken down off the jacks and you’re ready to go for a test drive. Well, just as the name suggests, this suspension design allows each wheel to move independently from every other wheel. Just let MORryde know what you’d like to do. After months of anticipation, we loaded up our suspension-challenged Redwood fifth wheel to make the trip down to Grants Pass, Oregon to have our new MORryde Independent Suspension installed. A free inside look at company reviews and salaries posted anonymously by employees. So that is a challenge, but also a benefit. Now, instead of electric current being used to activate the brakes on the trailer, brake fluid is. MORryde UO21-003 Suspension System: Car & Motorbike. It is daylight and dark. The suspension should be inspected for any loose bolts, any loose rubber (coming un-bonded from the plates), shocks leaking oil, etc. If possible, have your trailer weighed at a place that can weigh each tire individually because some trailers can be significantly heavier on one side compared to another. At MORryde employees are given opportunities on a daily basis to prove themselves as valuable team members and to have opinions and suggests on various topics. Thats it! Helpful. Each wheel is independent of the other 3 wheels, or 5 in the case of a triple axle. Equa-Flex also reduces fore-to-aft movement, often referred to as “chucking,” to provide a smooth, comfortable ride. For trailers with more than one axle, you’ll have multiple leaf springs. Lowest Prices for the best trailer leaf spring suspension from Timbren. On the way home from that installation I had one of … The independent action of the suspension reduces roll when your trailer is cornering and allows you to maximize ground clearance and minimize deck height. There’s MORryde’s factory in Elkhart, Indiana and there is another RV service center in Grant’s Pass Oregon that does installs. The Independent Suspension glides over potholes and rough roads. Starting the install, first they jack up the trailer on 4 big hydraulic jacks to get the vehicle chassis completely off the ground, then they remove the wheels. The Independent suspension adds approximately 300 lbs per axle. The entire setup feels rock solid. The rubber bonding had let go. system, we had the chance to talk with Changing Lanes about their RV lifestyle, how they went about choosing their current RV, how they started their YouTube channel, and more! 3-8000 lb Dexter TORFLEX® Independent Suspension Axles (Luxe Toy Hauler) 2-8000 lb Dexter TORFLEX® Independent Suspension Axles (Luxe Gold) 2 or 3 (unit specific) - 8000 lb MORryde ® Independent Suspension Axles (Luxe Elite) Upgrade to 9000 lb available (2-9000 lb standard on 39FB) Good Year® 17.5” H-Rated Nitro-Filled Tires w/Aluminum Wheels Car & Motorbike. The MORryde CRE 3000 provides over 3” of suspension travel. Within a couple of months I had the Mor-Ryde replaced under warranty. But with all the problems that can come up with RV's I know I wouldn't dump anymore money in one than I had too. This system reduces stress on the frame and protects your trailer from road shock. Conversely, you can have disc brakes put on without having the independent suspension system installed. The IS assembly puts together the cross member, hanger assemblies, wheel hubs and brake assemblies. Please read my disclosure for more info. Ours went in near the batteries. We recently had the opportunity to have a MORryde Independent Suspension System and Disc Brake package installed on our Montana High Country 5th wheel. That’s not that much, which means a lot of jostling goes on inside your rig. Just wondering if anyone else here has installed the product and what benefits you have seen. The MOR/ryde “IS” Independent Rubber Suspension System uses 100% Natural Rubber Springs to support the trailer weight and absorb road shock. **Disclosure: A big thank you to MORryde for supplying and installing the Independent Suspension and Disc Brakes. It's unique rubber block shear springs in combination with pneumatic shocks mean a much smoother ride. Actually no, Bryanna calls all the shots, I just wear a Captain’s hat sometimes. It’s a good idea to get your trailer weighed before heading in to MORryde so they can dial in a system that is perfect for your trailer. On the other hand, it is also a benefit because you know when you get the system installed, it is being done by someone who knows it inside and out and you’ll have the best install you possibly can have. At MORryde, we’re proud to service the transit bus industry, bringing over 50 years of suspension expertise to this important market. Another component of this install is the brake actuator. The cool thing is that MORryde recognizes this as a headache for full timers, so they allow overnight parking in their parking lot as well as allowing folks to stay in their rigs overnight while the work is being done. We opted for this upgrade. From here, you have a clean slate and are ready for the IS to be installed. By absorbing the shock, the rubber provides a much smoother towing experience than steel leaf springs. I no longer have to worry about feeling the road chatter up in the truck when we’re towing. The system is cushioned by a large rubber shear spring which is the main cushion of the system There is also a hydraulic shock absorber that gets the wheel back to it’s normal ride position after hitting a bump thus minimizing the amount of bouncing the wheel may want to do. This allows the operator of the RV to effectively manage tire wear under normal towing conditions. In this article, I’ll talk about our experience of getting the IS and Disc Brakes installed at MORryde, an overview of the system itself and our review of it after putting the first thousand miles on it. Yup, gone. Are you a full timer? Now I get smooth, effortless stops and super quiet brake operation. These are standard on the upscale New Horizons fifth wheels, and they are a pricey but popular upgrade with many RVers who have replaced their factory installed leaf spring suspension with the MORrydes IS … It's not on the level of the MorRyde IS, I'm sure, but it works. I just had new tires put on our 5th wheel, so mine were in good shape, but another service MORryde offers is replacing tires and wheels. You’ll want to be sure it hasn’t taken any damage from road debris and that there are no leaks coming from it. RV Community - Are you about to start a new improvement on your RV or need some help with some maintenance? There are four bolts and one torque bracket per wheel that allow for these If I were buying new and were deciding between several and one had IS then that would definitely weigh in favor. 2 spring hangers were badly cracked and ready to fail and one of the springs had a broken leaf. They have 50 amp electrical hookups out in their parking lot and a 30 amp hookup while inside their shop. I posted them for $100 each, which I guess was too low and had someone pick them up that night. Noticing my RV sitting skewed on a concrete base, I inspected the suspension and discovered that both equalizers had failed. If any of these are the case, it should be replaced. Electric drum brakes rather then hydraulic just don't react fast enough in the crummy traffic conditions of today. If you choose to do it separately, MORryde has brake assemblies that mount to the axles like normal. Once you’re back, the installers will take one more set of measurements while you’re hooked up to your tow vehicle to make sure the height adjustments were good. We did MorRyde IS at about 3000 miles on the coach. The pads are ceramic and the pistons are made of stainless steel. The leaf springs are basically a stack of steel leaves that flex just enough to add some cushion to the house part of the trailer when hitting bumps in the road. I’ve pulled the same trailer with springs and then an IS. Since being able to stop my 5th wheel is one of the most important things to me when towing. They remove the bolts that connect the leaf springs to their frame hangers. Another question I had was how to jack up a wheel in the event a tire needed to be changed. For multi-axle trailers, the leaf springs are connected between the front and rear wheels with an equalizer that makes the leaf springs on each side work together to absorb as much shock as it can. There many factors to weigh (no pun intended) when considering if this is an upgrade of this kind, but here’s a spoiler alert, it’s SO worth it! Reviewed in … Sway is reduced and trailer tracking behind the vehicle is improved. The stopping with the Disc Brakes is awesome. On the brakes yes you could spend 700.00$ for disks, but every train, and heavy duty truck rig is running drums. This would be pretty obvious when looking at it and is something that can be replaced. That’s where our day 1 ended. We are towing with a 2017 Ford F-350 and there is a setting for the braking type that is meant for a system like this. Not independent but much better then what you have. It made it super sturdy and ready for the IS to be installed. Also when in traffic where I may have to stop on short notice. They knew exactly what had to be done to make it as quick and successful of an install as possible. This is where our kids spent most of the day and Bryanna and I were in and out of between checking on the install and trying our best to document the process. When Sergio at MorRyde started taking it apart he called me over and said my timing was good. Another major difference is that conventional leaf springs only allow about 2″ of suspension travel, meaning you only have 2″ of cushion before the house part of your RV starts to move. This Episode: Ever since we got the MORryde Independent Suspension and Disc Brakes installed we've been asked multiple times what we think of it. I do have disc brakes on my boat trailer and they work fine, but on my other trailers the drum brakes are fine also. We’ve had countless times of coming into our trailer after hitting a bad stretch of road to find a mess inside. While all the prep work was being done, another team was building the Independent Suspension system for our unit. Where our is installed, it’s easy to access and to open the cap and look inside for the fluid level. 3.0 out of 5 stars Terrible RvandAuto parts customer service. The key to how the MOR/ryde IS works is in the name – Independent Suspension. I asked MORryde to warranty the labor this time but they refused and just sent me another replacement. Once the tires are back on, the wheels are aligned using a pretty cool Hunter Laser Alignment system where they connect it to a computer to take some readings and make adjustments until it’s just right. Getting to the first stop sign I felt the trailer really grabbing the truck. Highly recommend trying that. In our case, since they raised it up 5″, they put 2 additional cross members to support the 5″ riser, essentially creating a square. Previously I was towing with 7.5 brake effort and High for the intensity level. Each installation is customized to the weight distribution and geometry of the specific camper, so the installation must be done at MorRyde's facility on Elkhart Indiana. After getting these measurements, I backed the 5th wheel into their shop and then the real fun began. It has the ability to sleep 5-6 and has a King sized master bed. Also with the 5″ of wheel suspension travel IS gives you, it could add years of life to your trailer. Like dayle1 said, you know how yours tow, so go by that. Disc brakes, IMHO, should not be an option but a necessity on any TT or 5er that exceeds +/-10K pounds. As others have said the MORryde professionals are amazing to work with do fantastic work. We’ve had cabinets fly open while we were driving as well as our refrigerator door. MorRyde Independent Suspension System +$6,888.00 +$4,750.00 Oven, Gas Residential Style (Replaces Cabinet) Package - Interior/Exterior Standards REQUIRED OPTION The 414 has a dry weight of 16,240 Lbs, a hitch weight of 3,662 Lbs, and a total of 3 slide outs. We opted for this hydraulic disc brake system to be installed with the independent suspension so it was all done at the same time. The equalizer supports the inside attachment points for the suspension springs. We typically have a few things that fall on the floor during transit, but this time everything stayed put. This seemed like the max they could go without compromising the center of gravity of the trailer. MorRyde is able to correct height issues or concerns during installation. Or maybe you can give others some advice? We just had a brake/tire/drum fail and finally got a tow to Camping world in Gilroy CA. This will drop the axles to the ground while the inside of the leaf springs are still hanging by the equalizer. If you had some horrific problems with your trailer handling, I would suspect under sized axles and tires and weight issues. That was over 40,000 worry free miles ago. Click here to visit MORrydes contact us page. Towing was greatly improved with a much more comfortable ride and better handling. From there, they hook the brake lines up, either by connecting the existing electrical brake connections or installing new hydraulic lines if you went with the disc brake package. MORryde uses top quality components for the disc brakes they install. They said sometimes they have a 3rd shift running and lucky for us they had one running while we were there. Upon arriving, we filled up fresh water and backed into a large space in their lot where several other brand new rigs were parked that were queued up for OEM installations. Not only does it provide a smoother ride for our fifth wheel, but it also reduces stress on the frame and unit as a … 6. Best of all it's totally FREE! review video? You are currently viewing our boards as a guest so you have limited access to our community. I know the cost of it is a little high, but having the absolute best suspension system on your trailer is priceless. Better protection of your trailer, components, and contents from damage. I’m extremely happy with how the new suspension is performing and think it is well worth the cost of the upgrade. What increases stability is dirt cheap. Just wondering if anyone else here has installed the product and what benefits you have seen. The parts they use are much more heavy duty than the original parts taken off. However, it’s much better than it used to be. We ordered our 5th wheel with it , 17.5 H rated tires, and disc brakes. 5. That’s a big deal as to ride quality. MORryde offers a few different types of bearings when putting on an IS system. Timbren Trailer Suspension Enhancement System Heavy-Duty Trailers 16,000 lbs part number TTRA5602 can be ordered online at or call 800-298-8924 for expert service. The quality of the components used as well as the care and attention to detail during the installation showed us how much of an improvement this upgrade truly was. Overall, these are 2 upgrades you can do to your trailer that will provide amazing results when towing. They will cut the existing electric brake lines to make room for the hydraulic lines. I felt it the moment I left the parking lot for a test drive. Yes, you will have to make plans for overnight accommodations for a couple of nights. This is huge for us since we like to get off the beaten path and boondock quite a bit. 6 Things You Should Know About RV Work Camping Job... New Film "ALUMINATION" Chronicles How th... 5 Ways To Cut Down On Your RV Generator Usage. The first thing that went on was the steel bars used to raise our independent rear suspension to level out the trailer. Roads up north are rough; even though paved there are frequent patches of frost heave & bypasses around areas of road repair. Re: MorRyde Independent Suspension We bought our Newport in the fall of 2018 and before we used it took it to Morryde and had the Independent Supension installed along with the Disk Brakes. Good luck with your decision. We’ve had the Independent Suspension upgrade on our 5th wheel for a few weeks now. It’s designed to eliminate bouncing, jerking, broken leaf springs and wear and tear on a trailer or fifth-wheel. Missed their I.S. It’s pretty loud all night long. I'm more confused by the RE/LRE and SRE Suspensions. This is welded directly parallel onto the frame and this is what the IS cross member is attached to. There’s a nice little track in Elkhart around the MORryde facility that has plenty of potholes and train tracks to really test out the new suspension. Before their test ride with their brand new MORryde Independent Suspension (I.S.) The shock absorber only needs to be inspected every once in a while to make sure it’s functioning properly, there is no maintenance that can be done to it. They also made sure that by raising it that much in the rear, it wouldn’t increase the height of the rig in the front which could cause problems with low bridges. Each wheel is independent of the other 3 wheels, or 5 in the case of a triple axle. You will have a set of 2 leaf springs for each axle, one for each wheel basically. We have towed it about a thousand miles. Along with the towing being super smooth, there is no sway either. Because of our commitment to continuous product improvement, The RV Factory reserves the right to change components, standards, options, specifications, pricing, and materials without notice and at any time. Great Discount prices on other RV towing parts and jacks. Independent Suspension Review. Because we understand the necessity in delivering a comfortable ride, we specialize in paratransit solutions, bringing high-quality … MORryde has a really nice lobby area where they welcome you to hang out while you wait on the install. Roads up north are rough; even though paved there are frequent patches of frost heave & bypasses around areas of road repair. In our case, we needed to have the rear end raised 5 inches to get as close to level as possible. The design of the MORryde Independent Suspension System allows for automotive style toe and camber wheel alignment. It’s not perfectly level because we have a very high bed on the truck. Doesn't change the brakes but at about $1250 for the complete kit it is quite a bit cheaper and does a really good job. Then they were wheeled over to the rig and jacked up to the frame for installation. With the new MOR/ryde “IS” Independent Rubber Suspension 5ers are inherently unstable. We're not sure what's involved with getting the DOT sticker updated, but knowing government bureaucracy, it's likely not a simple process. It is better to actually improve the trailer's ride than to isolate it from the truck/driver. Saw their independent suspension option that I could have installed on my 2016 BayHill. We also do a cursory inspection at every stop while traveling. By the time I had 8,000 miles on the MH the Mor-Ryde suspension was replaced under warranty 4 times. If I do anything it will probably just disc breaks later down the road. From the actuator, they’ll run brake lines under your rig back to the brakes. This system will definitely add some weight to your trailer. Missed their I.S. We visited them in January to have the day and a half install take place. We are very happy with the IS as it gives the 5th wheel a smother ride and the rough roads. We are very pleased with ride and stability. Dave-R. A challenge because if you’re in the southwest and want this installed, you’ll have to head to either of those locations, which can be over a thousand miles just to have it installed. We are concerned after seven thousand miles that the rubber shear springs and hydraulic shocks are not preforming the way we were led to believe. My honest review is that this is an upgrade everyone must seriously consider. Luckily, MORryde’s IS system is pretty low maintenance. We just returned from a trip CO to Alaska; maiden voyage for our 2018 RW 427. If I were buying a new trailer and I had a lot of money, I might consider a suspension upgrade. Trailers usually come with drum brakes. Also, listen for any unusual noises. They also have a nice grassy area outside if the weather is nice or if you have pets. My honest review is that this is an upgrade everyone must seriously consider. No toys yet, so garage had maybe 500lbs of bikes, tools, etc. 6am came quick, so we rounded up the crew, pulled in the slide outs and headed to the lobby area. Independent Front Suspension ... what's the buzz? Because we understand the necessity in delivering a comfortable ride, we specialize in paratransit solutions, bringing high-quality … Hello, Sign in. Report abuse. Posted: Wed Mar 20, 2019 12:28 am . MorRyde independent suspension. Each wheel is not impacted by the bumps the other ones take. 21 MORryde International reviews. Doc Post subject: Re: Morryde Independent Suspension. The Axle-Less independent suspension system replaces your trailer's existing leaf spring suspension and can eliminate the need for an axle. The MORryde IS coupled with Kodiak Disc Brakes & 17.5 Wheels with Goodyear G114s has greatly improved my towing experience. This is an additional option that MORryde offers when installing independent suspension. All opinions are our own. Before their test ride with their brand new MORryde Independent Suspension (I.S.) If I were buying new and were deciding between several and one had IS then that would definitely weigh in favor. So the wheels are no longer connected via axle and there are no more leaf springs either (those get removed as well), so the wheels on the same side are no longer affecting each other either. You’re basically looking for any issues with the rubber bonding to the steel plates or if there is an issue with the rubber itself. If this is the case, MORryde can install a system that supports extra weight on one side. Be sure to tell them Crazy Family Adventure sent you! They measured the clearance under the frame at both the front and rear of the 5th wheel as well as measuring the height of the rig from the top air conditioners. It had Mor-Ryde rear suspension. First, with so many RV upgrade opportunities, let’s look why you’d want to upgrade your stock 5th wheel or trailer suspension. We just returned from a trip CO to Alaska; maiden voyage for our 2018 RW 427. Also, MORryde makes rock-solid, outstanding products (we've had MORryde independent suspension for almost four years and love it). Seeing how the rear of the 5th wheel was raised 5″, I don’t have a jack big enough to reach the frame of the trailer. Did you have it installed or was it already on your trailer when purchased. Equa-Flex also scored a 7.5 out of 10 in independent testing, compared to 5.0 by the leading competitor. Our max height didn’t change while the back end was raised up 5″ just as expected. Axle less suspension? Quieter during travel. We’ve had the Independent Suspension upgrade on our 5th wheel for a few weeks now. Independent Suspension System Smooth out your ride with an upgraded suspension system for your fifth-wheel or travel trailer. The team at MORryde is very professional and extremely knowledgable when it comes to improving your overall towing experience. You can just replace all your shackles with a wet bolt system, and add shocks for a heck of lot less money. Disc brakes are awesome. If you start to hear some squealing, then it may be time to replace the pads. No toys yet, so garage had maybe 500lbs of bikes, tools, etc. These things depreciate too fast to dump big chunks of money into them. Independent suspension would be really nice. 4inches travel a shackle kit with bronze bushing and disc brakes. We have towed it about a thousand miles. Similar to car maintenance for brakes, it’s really just a matter of keeping an eye and ear on them. After the pin box was installed, we pulled our rig in front of the service bays where they came out to take some measurements. Also be sure to check out these 25 5th Wheel Accessories for your ultimate camping experience! Great corrosion resistance, as torsion axles are usually galvanized inside and … 1. They also have a hose just outside the shop where you can fill your fresh water tank so you’ll have enough water to get your through the next couple days. Before I did I contacted Marc Hauser at HR to see if it would void the warranty, here is his response to me. The truck and 5th wheel looked much more level now than it did when we came in. Cross-bar construction is directly welded to the frame, and adds stiffness. The ride is super smooth and very comfortable. com has the lowest priced auto body parts in the industry including bumpers With more than 140,000 discounted auto … I don't have it, but I'm sure not going to dump $3 grand into my trailer just to stand there and watch it level up. MORryde International is a multi-faceted company committed to customer service and quality. Their goal when installing the IS is to make your trailer or 5th wheel as level as possible when hooked up to your tow vehicle. After the welding is finished and the brakes are connected, the tires are ready to be put back on. After the first thousand miles, I have a ton of confidence in these brakes and it’s one less thing I have to worry about. However, on the real-life practical side, the answer is sort of. Once the axles are off, you have a choice of what to do with them. If you have the MORryde IS suspension, check your springs. For fun. Independent wheel suspension. Each wheel is not impacted by the bumps the other ones take. In the brake actuator, you have to keep an eye on the fluid level in the reservoir. If you’re looking to make a major leap in towing comfort and safety, then upgrading to independent trailer suspension as well as trailer disc brakes is the way to go. It was super easy to do and made a little cash back for me in the process. 2015 RAM LongHorn 3500 Dually CrewCab 4X4 CUMMINS/AISIN RearAir 385HP/865TQ 4:10's 37,800# GCVWR "Towing Beast" "HeavyWeight" B&W RVK3600 2016 MobileSuites 39TKSB3 highly "Elited" In … We had the 7k setup installed on our unit as well as the disc brakes, which I’ll talk about later. At MORryde, we’re proud to service the transit bus industry, bringing over 50 years of suspension expertise to this important market. I highly recommend it! They use Kodiak rotors and brake pads which are the best when it comes to trailer disc brakes. Running 17.5 Goodyear tires, very even tire wear 4.