It’s why we play it towards the end of our sets. The original is good but the Cash version just resonates deeper with me. The emotion she puts into it is AMAZING. Created on October 25, 2019 Last updated September 04, 2020 Pinterest. This awesome ballad in based on real life events: the singer & lyricist saw two car accidents in one week (same place! ) This ballad describes the struggle of the father and the emotions going in and out of his mind. Four lines are sung towards the very end of the song and are nearly inaudible against the refrain. He is a talent Just by opening up about a part of his life that he had not displayed prior, he really came through and proved just how valuable his is as an artist. I prefer Fiddler on the Green, but this was over all a pretty good album.However if you're doing metal that is hauntingly beautiful, it should definitely include RundtgÃ¥ing Av Den Transcendentale Egenhetens Støtte by Burzum. But then it’s revealed that he actually plans to imprison her in a house without any doors or windows.” — Deleted. It’s about a guy whose legs, arms, eyes, and mouth were blown off on the last day of WWI, and now he’s trapped in his body for the rest of his life with no hope of communicating to the outside world. Forget Her is the new must-read sci-fi thriller by novelist Holly Riordan that will keep you on the edge of your seat! No wonder they used it in those commercials, " Suddenly I know I'm not sleepingHello, I'm still here All that's left of yesterday "Amy's voice so beautiful and hunting...should be number 1. “This song is about the death of 7-year old Katie Flynn. It drains me, and it shakes me, and hurts like hell every time I play it, looking out at thousands of people cheering and smiling, oblivious to the tragedy of it’s meaning, like when you’re going to have your dog put down and it’s wagging it’s tail on the way there. If you’re feeling brave today, then you should pop in your earphones and listen to these songs recommended on, You can’t change your past, but you can cleanse your memories…, 32 People Describe Their Super-Creepy Neighbor, The Truth About Intimacy And HS, From Someone Who Has Had It For 23 Years, 25 Disturbing Posts That Never Should Have Been Uploaded To Reddit, She Noticed The Creepy Man Following Her Family’s Road Trip, But She Could’ve Never Guessed His Intention, 25 Disturbing Reddit Threads That Will Make You Sick To Your Stomach, 25 Disturbing Confessions Made On Reddit That Should Have Been Kept A Secret. The album follows their relationship as she she slowly dies in front of him and leads to her eventual death. while I ate breakfast and bawling. "I don't wanna hold you(Please tell me why)I don't wanna see you'Cause even your smile hurtsOh, it hurts like hell...Life goes on it surely willWithout me it will wither...My tear of joy turned into grief(I don't wanna stand it anymore)". “One by Metallica is pretty dark. It unfortunately reminds me of my son who came to a place in his life where he became a drug addict and would hurt (cut) himself. It's so beautiful that I would totally do it again. 116, Bb 123: III. I finally found a good sad song that is not rock :O MAGIC! Easily, Top 3. This song is haunting.. We don't know enough about what happens to others.. Top 10 Hauntingly Beautiful Songs Subscribe: songs aren’t just listened to … 2:09 PREVIEW Waiting to Die. Such an amazing piece of music! Deep lyrics paired with a great tune topped with the unique, amazing, and out-of-this-world vocals of Sia. Unaware that its deeper than what it actually is. Jackie's songs have a haunting quality about them because of her exquisite tone, pitch and interpretation of each one. If you really miss someone and you just sorta want to cry this is the perfect song to listen to. I asked him what the longest relationship he’d ever been in was. Learn more about working with Thought Catalog.